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Eden’s Semilla Review

Eden’s Semilla have a range of oils including Jobobo, Vitamin C and Rosehip. I was sent the Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid serums to test. At first I was sceptical as although I have used oils on my hair and for aromatherapy I had never tried them on my skin because I have sensitive skin.

Seeing the ingredients of the serums was a huge positive for me knowing that there is only a very small chance my skin could be irritated by the serum.

Vitamin C

The ingredients include Aloe Vera extract, Witch Hazel, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Rosehip Oil.

I used this product every morning before applying any moisturisers and other skincare products. After a few days I noticed a difference in how bright my skin looked and also how I had a natural glow on my face.

A little goes a long way with the oils so only a couple of drops is needed to successfully cover your face. The formula absorbs well and doesn’t linger on skin, which was a huge relief for me as I thought it would leave behind a residue.

It felt nice to awaken my face up to a nice oil skincare routine and I noticed that the serum has reduced the redness around my breakouts and shrunk my pores.  It is a really hydrating residue and my skin now looks and feels healthier.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

The packaging boasts that will reduce fine lines and wrinkles and eliminate dry patches. I immediately started using the product and every evening before bed I would cleanse my face then spread the serum evenly and leave it to soak in. Now I have always loved using essential oils and using a product such as this one that has natural and organic ingredients is something that does attract me in terms of purchasing beauty products.

After using the product every day for over a week I have noticed huge changes. My skin feels softer, firmer and my dry patches have completely disappeared.

The only concern I had about using the serums was that I was worried it would make my skin greasy however the formula does not leave any residue, it isn’t sticky and I was so pleased it didn’t leave my skin with excess shine and make it look greasy.

I recommend adding serums into your beauty regime if you haven’t already and if you have then go ahead try the range from Eden’s Semilla! The products suited my skin types and really worked for me, overall I had really positive experience with the oils and I can’t wait to experiment more with serums.

Have you used serums before?

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*I was sent this product in exchange for an honest and genuine review. All opinions are my own*


Garnier Skincare Review

Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

The Moisture bomb tissue mask promises one week of hydration in just 15 minutes and it includes ‘anti thirst’ technology. Soaked in a serum which includes hyaluronic acid, plant serum and naturally-derived ingredients including the infusion of pomegranate, the mask is a quick fix for your skin after a long week of wearing makeup.

Perfect if your skin is in need of pampering, the sheet mask is suited to all skin types and feels extremely refreshing on your face.

The tissue mask is ideal for those that are travelling or those looking for a post party treatment as it requires minimal effort and it is great if you are on the go.

I found the product a little fiddly and awkward to apply as it is a large mask. The one-size-fits-all shape was too big for my face and I found it difficult to smooth the mask down in the right places. The serum is sticky and almost feels slimy, however on application it felt cold, comforting and smelt lovely.

After wearing the mask for 15 minutes my skin was glowing! I was surprised at how instantly I could see and feel the effects of the mask. My skin felt smooth, soft, and it definitely felt hydrated and revitalised. Even when I woke up the next morning I was still feeling the effects of the tissue mask including plumped, radiant, and youthful looking skin.

There is no doubt that this mask does exactly what is says on the packet and did in fact leave my skin feeling refreshed. However, although I enjoyed using this product I do think for those that have oily or combination skin like myself it should be used once a fortnight rather than weekly as I think it doesn’t help those oily sections of the skin.

Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar water is a popular product and many have rated it over standard cleansers and makeup removers. The formula is made up of tiny micelles that remove dirt and lift impurities to leave your skin feeling and looking clean and product free.

I ditched makeup wipes a year ago and chose to use gentle cleansers and micellar water based products to remove my makeup. I have used Nivea and Simple cleansers but found the Garnier micellar water for combination skin my favourite.

The bottle is 400ml and Garnier claims you can get 200 uses out of it, obviously this depends what products you have on your skin and how much makeup you are wearing. I do find that my bottle does last quite a long time and you only need to use a small amount to successfully cleanse your skin.

A simple and effective treatment it takes only minutes to pour some on a cotton pad and cleanse your face. The water prevents blocked pores and removes excess oils without stripping the skin of the natural oils it produces.

For me micellar water is a better alternative to makeup wipes as it is gentle and unscented. It requires little effort and overall it cleanses quickly and effectively alongside leaving your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

As previously mentioned I suffer with combination skin so I am always on the lookout for a daily moisturiser that can hydrate my skin effectively but not leave it looking greasy and shiny.

Moisture Match Daily Moisturiser

Garnier has launched the moisture match range of moisturises to suit all skin types. The range includes 5 different moisturisers aimed at people with normal, dry, very dry, dull and oily skin. I purchased the oil-free moisturiser which promises to give your skin 24h hydration and shiny control.

On opening the product I wasn’t expecting miracles but I can honestly say that I was really surprised with this product. Enriched with green tea extract the moisturiser absorbs into your skin quickly and instantly mattifies without leaving your skin dry as a result. The formula is a whipped consistency that feels fresh and cooling on the skin.

The only criticism I have is that I wouldn’t recommend using it as a night moisturiser. I don’t think it is hydrating enough to last a whole night and that’s why I would only use this as a day cream.

Overall my skin feels smooth and soft, the product is a nice and light consistency and the texture actually makes it a great primer for makeup. It has a long-lasting matte effect and doesn’t leave skin looking oily. It leaves you with a natural shine and healthy glow and it is moisturiser I will definitely purchase again!

All products can be purchased from Boots.

Have you used any of the products above? Leave a comment below!

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Review: Spectrum Collections.


I have been wanting to expand my makeup brush collection for a while and I wanted to introduce brushes that were high quality and cruelty free. So when I laid eyes on the colourful spectrum brush sets I knew I had to have them, especially when I saw that the prices don’t break the bank!

I ordered 5 singular brushes; the A05, A15, C06, A10 and the A18 from their permanent collection. I wanted to buy brushes that I needed and ones that were missing from my current collection.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

They arrived within two days of ordering and were delivered in a pink plastic wallet that is great to use as a travel case.

I was so pleased with the bright colour and softness of the brushes, they are easy to use and look fantastic in your makeup bag.

Since using the collection one of my favourite brushes to use is the tulip eye contour brush. It adds nice depth, shape and blends eyeshadows really well.

Another favourite of mine is the A10 ‘feeling fancy’ small fan brush. It is now one of my beauty essentials as it makes highlighting simple, quick, and it is the ideal finishing touches brush.

I was quite apprehensive to wash them at first as I thought the bright colours would fade but after a couple of washes they are still holding their blue and purple colouring.

Spectrum brushes have definitely lived up to their expectations in my opinion, they are excellent quality and good value for money. They are some of the prettiest brushes on the market and I can’t wait to get my hands on their white marbleous sets!

hands off these brushs

At the moment Spectrum collections have 10% of your first order on their site.

Happy shopping everyone!



p.s excuse my dented thumb nail, I shut it in the door!

Cleansing with The Body Shop.

Lately I have been using body and facial washes from The Body Shop to cleanse my skin. body shop tea tree

Both the tea tree toner and the facial wash have witch hazel in so they are really good at drying up spots and leaving your skin refreshed! I have always used tea tree based products to wash my face, I have a t-zone so tea tree works best for me. If you have a difference skin type then these facial washes might not be the best but I think both are gentle on the skin.

I love anything coconut so when I saw this mini coconut shower gel I had to buy it! It smells amazing however it doesn’t lather up very well.

blackhead remover

The next product I got is the blackhead remover. I highly recommend these little devices they are so good! After washing and opening your pores you simply slide the silver hook across your blackheads and they are gone! It’s like magic!


Excuse the battered dirty looking tub but it has been at the bottom of my bag because this is my go-to hand cream and body butter when I’m out and about. This is a newer product from Body Shop’s Mojito range. The butter smells sooo good I can’t get enough of it and the best part is that it is really moisturising. The whole range smells heavenly everyone needs to try it!

I am always looking for new products to try and I love the body shop so if anyone has any recommendations then please leave a comment below!


Nip + Fab glycolic instant fix mask.

With all the hype surrounding the Nip + Fab skincare collection I thought I had to try at least one of the products everyone is raving about. From Kylie Jenner to Millie Mackintosh Nip + Fab skincare seems to be a must have in your bathrooms!

I thought I would try the Nip + Fab glycolic instant fix mask as it says it brightens the skin and shrinks the pores!

nip and fab

When I first used the mask it definitely made my skin feel tighter and smoother, however I have quite sensitive skin and I have found that if I use it more than once a week and use it straight away after getting out the shower my face breaks out in a horrible rash!

The glycolic and amino acid is very strong and leaves my face with a burning sensation and red blotches. After my face calms down my skin does look and feel really good but I would be aware if you have sensitive skin you might have a reaction at first. I would recommend using it once a week and using it an a few hours after having a shower or in the evenings. A little goes a long way in this case so thinly apply the gel and don’t be too generous!

It is available from Superdrug or Boots at £12.95 but look out for offers and both these stores regularly have deals on the range!

I am looking to try the other products in the Nip + Fab range so comment below with any of the  products you guys and girls recommend!

Mini Lush Haul.

Since my last post I’ve been extremely busy with exams and qualifying as a Journalist!! It has been a while but I promise you have my full attention now and the blog posts will be at least once a week!

Starting off this August it is of course a mini Lush haul! Previous readers will know that Lush cosmetics is one of my favourite brands and not just because of the sweet smelling bath bombs but also what they represent. They make their opinions known on the fox hunt ban and are now currently supporting the England hen harriers.

lush haul

The american cream conditioner smells like a vanilla milkshake blended with warm popcorn and as well as leaving my locks feeling soft it has tamed my curls during this humid weather period.

Seanik a must have for me in my bathroom, I have tried to many shampoo bars but this is the one that always has been running back. My old faithful. I have previously wrote a more detailed description of Seanik and how well it works so have a read if you want to know more!

I bought two bath bombs during this haul but got so excited when I got home I couldn’t resist using the Dragons Egg one. The second I bought was twilight a purple bath bomb with a cute star print! When it fizzles into the water a mix of purple and pink colours swirl around the water leaving you feeling like you are in a magical mermaid cave! There isn’t much of a smell and it doesn’t have any benefits to your skin. However there is a definitely a feel good factor which is good enough for me on a Friday night!

The lovely girls at Victoria Station Lush saw me glimpsing at the “Big” conditioner and watched me linger over it deciding if I should brave the price and try it out. They could clearly see that I was struggling to make the BIG decision and generously gave me a sample and boy I’m so glad they did! Not only was ‘big’ a big disappointment, but it left my hair feeling dry and bristly and clumped together in the strands. It was hard to break down into a smooth consistency and did really condition my hair at all. The jelly textured cube isn’t ideal for thick curly hair like mine and would benefit on thin hair that needs more fullness.

Herbalism is a facial exfoliator made from nettle, rosemary and almonds.  It smells earthy and has a paste texture which makes is perfect for applying to the skin. It is not too gritty and and did in fact get rid of the spots on the forehead! I had to remember not to use it too often because thats when my skin started to get irritated again!

Today Lush released their new summer collection! So no doubt I will reviewing another lush haul next week!!

Keep your eyes peeled!


I’ve heard a few times that Porridge oats are really good for your skin, So when I saw Lush porridge soap online I was excited to head down to my nearest store and get my hands on some.

lush porridge


Orange juice, Porridge oats, Orange oil.

The soap has a slight orange scent to it but it would be nice if it was stronger and lingered on the skin longer.

It lathers up nicely and really smoothes the skin! Although you have to leave it on a soap dish otherwise it does stick to the side and leaves a little trail of goo! Best to keep it in a little tub.

Porridge is moisturising and doesn’t have a very exciting look but definitely does the job in treating dry skin!

You can buy these by the gram at lush. My block is just over 100g and cost me £3.23.

Lush does recommend you do not use it on your face however I did use it this morning on my face and it was lovely! I think if its not used excessively on the face then it should be fine.

Overall I do recommend this product despite it being slightly awkward to store it.