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Beyoncè Wembley Stadium Review.


Opening the show instructing her fans to shout “I slay” Beyoncè was already encouraging 90,000 admirers to show confidence and be fierce. The influential singer and advocate for black lives matter performed her crowd-pleasing opening song Formation with her choreographed dance troupe marching behind her.

It is crazy to see how far she has come since Destiny’s Child growing as an artist and entertainer. A passionate and strong woman, the world has still carefully scrutinised her over the years from her age and pregnancy to Jay Z’s infidelity rumours. However Beyoncè always comes back fighting and as she fist pumps the air the strong message of independence and female empowerment echos through Wembley Stadium.

An expert storyteller Bey’s latest album Lemonade does just that. It tells a story of forgiveness, redemption, and combines her own personal experiences with black people’s suffering in America. Of course her set wouldn’t be complete without some older material from her previous albums Dangerously In Love and I Am Sasha Fierce alongside Destiny’s Child throwbacks.

A packed out stadium Beyoncè had her fans (also known as the Beyhive) bowing down to their Queen and all the females uniting to sing “Run the world (girls)”.  Labelled a modern day feminist she has inspired many to stand up and support one another.

Her beautiful a capella rendition of “me, myself and I” stuck a chord for many in the arena as she coincided it with an emotional speech about self importance, and striving to achieve a wonderful relationship with yourself.  She didn’t shy away from declaring her love to her Alabamian/Creole roots whilst playing a short clip of family images and videos. Beyoncè reminded us that we all our human and we should be proud of our heritage and who we are.

Even her interludes didn’t fail to impress; washing the crowd with purple lighting to pay homage to the late Prince. After a quick change into a glittering leotard her powerhouse vocals paid a poignant tribute singing “The beautiful ones” by the legend himself and purple confetti rained across the audience.

Survivor, freedom and halo were the last songs of the evening, and performing these accomplished dance routines in shallow water proved what a true, master show-woman she really is.

When life serves you lemons you make lemonade.


Day out in London.

On Tuesday I went to London with my parents for the day, we all wrote down one thing we wanted to do and planned our day around those three things.

First we went to the British Library to see the Alice in Wonderland exhibition which celebrates the 150 year anniversary since its first publication back in 1865!


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Around the exhibition space there was mirrors displaying the illustrations from John Tenniel which told the story of Alice in Wonderland. They led you into the centre of the exhibition where the history of Lewis Carroll and his legendary story were displayed in all forms of art and media. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside the main showcase so I got some pictures of the outside area and wrote down some notes whilst inside.

I have always been fascinated by the whimsical tale of Alice’s adventures even picking the story as my art GCSE concept and writing my own short stories based on the tale. Living close to Brighton I was amazed with what inspiration Lewis Carroll found when visiting the city many years ago and this exhibition taught me things I didn’t know including how Lewis Carroll chose his pseudonym (inverted his names and translated them into Latin and then back into English) Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

It was so interesting to see how many editions of Alice there has been over the past 150 years and how the story has been changed in certain ways throughout different eras. From Walt Disney to Salvador Dali and Ralph Steadman each person has put their stamp on the narrative and it’s illustrations. As a bibliophile I forget how much of an impact the tale has made on literature and it reminds me how a small story can become monumental. Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

After leaving the exhibition I took a peak into the pop up shop and of course I had to buy a book! There was so many editions of the book to chose from, different illustrations, different covers, different publishers it was incredible. I chose to buy a bookmark and a copy of the original manuscript which was published for British Library. It is something that it hard to purchase online and it will remind of my visit that day.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The exhibition is open until Sunday 17th April and I would urge you to go if you can and it you are a fan of the story. Admission is free and well and who doesn’t want to be transported into a fantasy world of unusual characters and magical adventures.

alice boarder

After the exhibition it was time for an early dinner so we headed over to Bubba Gump Shrimp’s in Piccadilly.

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The restaurant is decorated as a tribute to the film Forrest Gump. My parents are really big fans of the film so it was on their list of places to go.

There is a few of these dotted around including one in New York and I believe there is one in Bali? I didn’t even realise this was in London until my parents told me.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The menu is south american style cuisine with everything from fried chicken, bourbon gravy and mash to deep fried prawns and jambalaya. I chose to have the deep fried shrimp and spicy chips with coleslaw. I also had strawberry lemonade and garlic bread on the side (piggy). I love my food and this was one of the most unhealthiest meals I’ve had in a while but it was definitely worth the calories because the prawns were delicious and I enjoyed every minute of being in this restaurant. It was such a relaxed atmosphere and it was enjoyable to look around the restaurant at all the trinkets and ornaments hanging up.

I do recommend visiting especially if you know and love the film as it is such a novelty eatery.

bubba gump glass

Downstairs from the restaurant there is a shop where you can buy t shirts, hats and even a Forrest Gump box of chocolates. I bought a glass because Jamie and I have a small collection of glasses and mugs from places we have been and things we like so I thought it would be a nice addition.

bubba gump sign

Thanks for reading!



News on the move.

Late blog post but on Thursday 16th, a handful of us went to the News on the move conference at the News UK building in London.

After waiting around in what looked like a posh hotel lobby we were directed upstairs where lunch was awaiting. Expecting a few jacket spuds and some measly sandwiches I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with a 5 star buffet!

So I did the hipster thing and took a photo of my pudding.

2014-10-16 13.25.47

After a very satisfying lunch, the afternoon started with a few talks and discussions including one from Mike Darcey (news UK chief and publisher of the Sun). He began to tell us a few things about Newspapers so I took some bullet points.

  • The public rely on newspapers to tell us facts. Not sure if the public would agree with that one seeing as the papers tell so many lies 😉 haha.
  • They remain essential to political debate e.g. the referendum.
  • Strong democracies need strong media.
  • Newspapers are the home of Journalism.

Whether or not you agree with some of those points, newspapers provide a source of media and news for all generations.

Other topics of the day included how social media is changing the world of news, how people consume their news, and even the neuroscience of memory encoding and emotional intensity. At this point my attention did start to flicker and I just pretended to be taking notes.

I could discuss more and throw some statistics around but frankly anyone who isn’t interested in the topic would be bored. I don’t want to bore you.

As the afternoon concluded we moved on to networking drinks. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about the free beer, but I am practically a student what do you expect?

The evening fast approached and we mooched about editors, reporters, advertising agents, etc It felt good to even be standing next to these well known people!

A few beers later on the train home I realised that I had to drive from the station to my house (oops).

A classy day and there was me being a gross human being on the floor of the train carriage eating dairylea dunkers in a last ditch attempt to stop feeling tipsy.

2014-10-16 18.28.492014-10-16 12.58.21