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Savisto Home Mortar And Pestle Review

I was recently contacted by Savisto and asked if I wanted to collaborate and do a review. The company specialises in home ware and kitchen accessories, and I chose to review a mortar and pestle. I love to cook and have always wanted to experiment using a mortar and pestle, blend herbs and make my own sauces and salsas.

So when the product arrived, rather heavy but well packaged, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. The mortar and pestle is hand-crafted from granite and it is a lovely, stylish speckley grey colour. I was rather surprised with how large it really was, but also delighted with the width as it meant I didn’t spill any ingredients out the sides when using it.

Mortars and pestles are used for crushing and blending seeds, herbs, and other foods into an ideal consistency. It is great kitchen exercise and you find yourself bashing away any frustration you have been harboring!

I decided to make a red pesto and a spicy guacamole. Using the mortar and pestle was easy, as it was so heavy it required little effort and it blended all my spices, crunchy peppercorns and garlic cloves perfectly.

Granite is non-porous which makes it a superb material to create a mortar and pestle with. It was easy to wipe clean and I could wash it with a mild soap which saved me time from doing it the old fashioned “dry cleaning” way. I noticed that after using it, there were no stains or marks inside from what I had been making and it scrubbed up well.

This mortar and pestle is great quality it is tough, durable and does the job very well! It will look wonderful on any kitchen counter and in my opinion it is a must-have kitchen accessory.

Overall I really rate this product, it is super easy to use and if you are unsure of what to make with it, I recommend having a scroll through pinterest where you will find some amazing recipes.

Savisto have a wide range of exciting products and I can’t wait to discover more.

Leave a comment below with your mortar and pestle recipes.

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*I was sent this product in exchange for an honest and genuine review. All opinions are my own*


“Why am I yellow?”

After a long weekend of binge drinking, eating takeaways and not sleeping much its to safe to say I wasn’t feeling my best. However I didn’t expect to wake up on a Monday morning with unbearable stomach cramps and yellow eyes and skin. It didn’t take long until I was at the doctors having blood tests to find out why I was looking like a Simpsons character.

The jaundice faded but I was diagnosed with a minor condition called Gilbert’s Syndrome.

Gilbert’s syndrome is when the yellow substance found naturally in the blood (Bilirubin) increases and starts to build up. It is a genetic disorder that’s hereditary and according to UK statistics around 1 in 20 people have Gilbert’s.

It took me a while to understand what it was, and accept the changes that I had to make to my diet in order to avoid this short period of jaundice and fatigue. There are a few symptoms of Gilbert’s including nausea, dizziness, IBS, brain fog, and fatigue. Although Gilbert’s is not a medicated condition it helps to know what triggers you may have and how you can prevent feeling unwell.

I took the steps to cut out alcohol, fatty and oily foods (only sticking to the good fats) and anything made with MSG. My doctor recommended the Paleo diet, and although I had heard from other GS sufferers it worked well, unfortunately after my 3 month trial it made me feel worse.

It’s been a year and a half since my diagnosis and I feel healthier than I have ever felt before. Of course I treat myself to the occasional chicken kebab and my diet isn’t too strict but all the little things I have changed have paid off.

GS doesn’t pose a risk to health and doesn’t cause complications, yes there are some medications I now can’t take but overall GS hasn’t restricted my life whatsoever.

My message to other GS sufferers is look at changing your diet, take care of your body and you will feel fine. Just because you get diagnosed or labelled as something it doesn’t mean that you can’t carry on living your life, and there is plenty of other illnesses in the world that are far worse than a having a few days of jaundice and fatigue.

To anyone else that may think they have GS, go and get tested and then find out what triggers your symptoms so you can change it.

I’m happy my body reacted the way it did otherwise nothing would have changed and I would living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Thanks for reading, leave a comment below and tell me all about health issues you may face and how you cope with them.




East Sussex National Hotel & Spa Review

Last weekend I took my mum to the East Sussex National Hotel & Spa for a relaxing spa day and birthday treat. I booked online through a company called Spa seekers which offers a range of spas to choose from in your area.

The hotel itself and the surrounding grounds are beautiful, and the Horstead Health Club is located on site next to the main hotel.

We were pleasantly greeted by friendly staff who assisted us in booking our spa treatment times and lunch. After being handed our robes, towels and slippers my mum and I made our way to the changing rooms and then into the spa.


The spa facilities are excellent. Visitors have the choice of the large heated pool, a steam room and sauna, and a Jacuzzi. There is a selection of loungers, chairs and tables around the pool, and the choice of hot and cold complimentary drinks are available during your visit.

During our day visit I discovered there was a gym onsite at the health club and I was gutted I didn’t bring my gym clothes, however I certainly had an amazing time relaxing and napping around the pool.

The Horstead spa has nine treatment rooms and offers a range of treatments guaranteed to leave you feeling indulged and relaxed. The staff were helpful, attentive and made sure we were comfortable before allowing us to choose our massage and treatment oils.I decided to opt for a back,neck and shoulder massage and my mum had a facial, both treatments were tailored to our needs and specifications.

We shared a treatment room and the quiet ambiance and soft music left both of us nearly nodding off!

sandwich box.jpg

Lunch was a delightful and delicious bento box filled with different sandwiches and cakes alongside a cream tea. As you can see I didn’t hold back and already tucked into a sandwich before snapping this pic!

I have visited a few spas in the Sussex area and overall I definitely think the facilities at the East Sussex National are some of the best, I highly recommend this spa if you are looking to escape the business of your everyday life and I can’t wait to go back and maybe even play a round of golf next time!


What spas have you visited? Leave a comment below.



Review: Just Bee Honey Water.

There is a huge decline in the number of beekeepers currently in the UK and bees are in danger of being completely wiped out from our environment.

Bees are a vital part of our food chain, so much so that about 70 crops in the UK depend on and benefit from bees.

I was delighted to be sent some Just Bee Honey Water to sample and review. I have always bought local honey due to being a hayfever sufferer and always keep my fingers green by planting flowers and plants in my garden. Most of which are bee friendly!

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Just bee drinks are only 49 calories, 100 % natural and contain vitamins and flavonoids which are natural antioxidants. They contain spring water with an added drop of honey from British and European beekeepers.

The drinks come in 3 delicious flavours:

Blueberry –  Sweet and light this a lovely flavour that is thirst quenching. Try pouring it into a tall glass with ice and fresh blueberries.

Lemon & Green Tea – Slightly bitter but I drank this one early in the morning pre-workout.

Apple & Ginger – My favourite flavour! Super refreshing with an added bite I could drink this over and over again!


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Just Bee drinks donates 10% of it’s profits to bee charities and even sent me a packet of wildflower seeds to scatter in my garden.

Order direct from their website here and find out more information about you can save the bees!

Review: Pure chimp super tea.

As an avid tea drinker I was delighted to be very kindly sent a pouch of matcha green tea by the pure chimp company who specialise in tea and skincare products.

This is more than you average green tea as it is 100% natural ground tea leaves and one cup of matcha is the equivalent of drinking 10 cups of your standard green tea! It has 137 times more antioxidants and is vegan friendly not to mention it boosts metabolism.

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I was surprised to see that the tea comes in powder form and is the brightest green you could imagine. The vivid colour remains long after adding your hot water and leaving it to stand. It reminded me of the powder paints you could get in primary school!

After frothing it up with a whisk and adding a squeeze of grapefruit it made a pleasant and smooth hot drink. It was nice not having to wait for a teabag to brew (I’m not impatient or anything!) and be able to enjoy it straight away.

I experimented with adding it into a smoothie to turn it into a super drink, giving me a boost of energy in the mornings. The great thing about teas in general is that you can add whatever fruits and flavours you like if you get bored and have it hot or ice cold.

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Overall I think Matcha green tea is the most flavoursome green tea I have tasted so far and I highly recommend it over any green tea teabags. If you are looking for a smooth blended tea and a healthier alternative with more benefits then I think Matcha tea is the one for you!

30g pouch is £6.95.

Comment below with what tea you recommend!



Jools Drinks Review.

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Last week I was sent a selection of healthy drinks from a company called Jools. Winners of the Drinkpreneur award in 2014 as best new beverage the London based brand sells green tea drinks blended with fruit. Each drink has little bubbles made from sea kelp and filled with vitamins and nutrients.

All of the drinks contain no added sugar, are gluten free and contain no preservatives. Drinking one of these little guys means you are consuming 8 out of your 13 vitamins a day.

You can see the three flavours in the image above. Each drink comes with a cute chunky straw and the bottles are a perfect size to carry in a handbag or rucksack.

I have to honest at first I wasn’t keen on the idea of having these pearls at the bottom and it took me a while getting used to having them pop in my mouth. My favourite flavour was the lychee and apple green tea, it was so refreshing and the flavours really complimented each other.

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Jools drinks are a great and healthy alternative to some juices and waters as they contain only natural sugars and are low in calories. It is such an easy product to consume and has healthy benefits.

You can order them online or buy them from your local Waitrose.

Thanks Jools! I have really enjoyed trying this fun and exciting beverages and will definitely be purchasing the lychee flavour in the future!

Leave a comment if you healthy drinks that you have tried and tested and recommend!



Half Marathon Tips.

On Sunday I finally completed my half marathon after months of training and weeks of fundraising. I ran it in 2hrs and 18 minutes which was a huge achievement for me considering it was my first. I had family and friends supporting me and spurring me on at the end and it was one of the best moments I have ever had. I feel as if I have accomplished so much and I am more motivated than ever to push my boundaries and do things I never thought I could. I raised roughly £200 for Kidney Research UK and myself and the people around me are extremely proud.


Now for anyone who is currently training for a long distance run or are planning to in the future I thought I would share some tips and advice.

  • Do actually train for it! It is important to train for at least 6 weeks beforehand if you aren’t a strong runner. You don’t have to run the full distance e.g. I ran a maximum of 10 miles and the last 3 were fueled on crowd motivation alone. Any cardio will help  build your stamina and strengthen your muscles so you don’t get an injury.
  • Wear comfy clothes.  Wear clothing that is comfortable to run in, suitable for the weather and doesn’t just look the part. I would also recommend trying trainers and clothing beforehand so you know you are used to the feel then you won’t get any nasty surprises on the day.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others! Finishing the race alone is a huge achievement for anyone so don’t compare your finishing times to others. Be proud of yourself that you completed it!
  • Nutrition. Eating a healthy balanced diet is important whilst training for the race as I don’t drink or smoke I think this personally helped my training but don’t do anything that will make you unhappy. Another tip I have is do carb load! I started to increase my carbs 5 days before the race so my body had time to store them. It is important not to overloads as this will leave you feeling bloated and groggy. However bagels, pasta and granola are ideal pre-race fuel.
  • Stay hydrated and pick a mid race snack. As you will be sweating lots it is important to stay hydrated and replenish the fluids you have lost. Do drink lots of water in advance to the race and small regular sips throughout. At the event I did they had energy sachets that were added to the water. I chose not to drink them as I had tried them in advance and they didn’t agree with my digestion. Many runners have mid races snacks whether that be jelly babies, gummy bears or energy gels. I had energy tablets that you can just pop into your mouth and they really do give you a well needed boost especially when you are at the the 10th mile!
  • Plan a post race treat. Whether that be a massage, a manicure or a celebratory drink, it is important to relax, indulge and congratulate yourself on your accomplishment. I had a post race tea (my mum had a vodka) and then an afternoon nap and a takeaway in the evening with family.
  • Enjoy yourself! Family and friends told me that on the day I was one of the only people that crossed that finish line with a smile on my face and my arms in the a celebratory cheer. Remember the reason you are doing this and do enjoy yourself. If you are in pain or you feel too tired then slow down and pace yourself. There maybe be plenty of future races you can push yourself harder in but for now your first run is a special achievement so smile and enjoy it!


You can read my story on the reason why I ran and where I got my inspiration on previous blog posts and on the Kidney Research UK facebook page.


Happy running!!