15 Reasons To Love Autumn

  • Chunky jumpers and flannel shirts
  • Autumn scented candles (cinnamon is my favourite)
  • Extra hour of darkness = more sleep
  • Reading a good book or writing under the comfort of a blanket
  • Long walks and hikes in the cool air (especially when the first frost appears)
  • Movie nights
  • Bonfires and log fires- I love going to the pub on an evening or visiting my parents and sitting next to a log fire
  • Rainy days
  • Colourful crispy leaves
  • Dark lipsticks and autumnal coloured eye shadows like copper, gold and light brown.
  • Hats, scarves, gloves and boots.
  • Hot drinks especially mulled apple juice and hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows!
  • Halloween! I love decorating my house with pumpkins and lots of candles!
  • Comfort foods – Pies, stews and roasts and let’s not forget the puddings! Pumpkin pie, dark chocolate brownies and sticky toffee pudding.
  • The overall beauty of it – everything looks so much prettier in autumn

Leave a comment below telling me what you love about autumn.

Thanks for reading,





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