Starting a new job? 5 tips for having a great first day


Congratulations! You have worked hard on your CV, perfected your interview techniques and now you have accepted the job.

Starting a new job is daunting for anyone and nerves are expected but here are some tips to boost your confidence and ensure you have a successful first day!

  1. First impressions count

Make sure you arrive on time and suitably dressed. Plan your wardrobe beforehand, if you aren’t certain about the dress-code aim for smart attire e.g. pair of trousers or a dress and a blazer. That way you can keep an eye out for what other employees are wearing on the day. If you are unsure about how long the drive or commute will be try to plan ahead and test it out before your first day, there is no excuse for being late! 

2. Be confident and show your willingness to learn and work hard

It is important to act confident and have confidence in your abilities. It is easy to become overwhelmed with nerves especially if you are like me and suffer with anxiety! Remember that it is your knowledge and experience that got you this far and now all you need to do is demonstrate your skills to your new boss.

3. Take notes and ask questions

You will be taking in masses of information on your first day so try and write as much as you can down, that way if you forget anything you can look back in your notepad. Ask as many questions as you can during the first week, that way you won’t need to bombard your colleagues with obvious ones later down the line.

4. Get to know your colleagues

Go out of your way to introduce yourself and show interest in your fellow workmates. Show your friendly side and chat with them during lunch or offer to make them a cup of tea or coffee if you are heading to the kitchen. You may be shy but the sooner you get to know them the easier and less daunting your workdays will be.

5. Relax

It is easy to stiffen up your muscles and feel tense during your first day so to avoid getting any aches and pains try to relax the night before. Read a chapter of a book, listen to music or try some meditation to keep your mind and body relaxed. During the day remember to smile, it is easy to become swamped in a mixture of emotions but try to enjoy yourself and embrace your new work adventure!

What tips do you have for having a smooth and successful first day?





*Picture credit to Kaboom Pics from CC*

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