Review: dinkibelle nail wraps.

After recently getting my acrylics taken off I have been looking for ways to glam up my nails as they start to grow longer.

I have always loved experimenting with nail art but I’ve never been very good at it hence why I would buy nail wraps and pay for acrylics. However this would leave me spending £35 – £40 a month on just my nails.

After discovering Dinkibelle nail wraps I asked to be gifted with the white/grey marble design as they look perfect for spring and match the current white marble theme I’ve got going in in terms of my phone case and notebook.

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The pack contains 20 wraps in different sizes and includes a set of instructions, a nail file and two cuticle pushers.

I had to buff my nails, wash them with oil free soap, dry them and choose a size to fit each nail.

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They are relatively easy to apply but I found cutting them down to fit my nails was tricky as they are very short at the moment. I did waste a couple of wraps because they didn’t stick properly and were wide on my nails so I had to trim them vertically as well as horizontally.

Dinkibelle recommends using a non fast drying gel top coat to seal the wraps. I used the Rimmel supergel top coat which left my nails looking glossy after the wraps were applied.

After 6 days my wraps unfortunately peeled off, I’m not sure why but it’s probably down to me washing up most days, being the bath, lifting at the gym and baking etc. I do think I should have been more careful and perhaps applied another coat of gel.

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A few hours after applying. I had to reapply the middle finger as I didn’t cut it properly. 

Overall I enjoyed using the wraps and I’m impressed. I think they are durable, the designs are gorgeous and they are great value for money. I do think it would help having longer nails and also having someone to help you apply them to the hand that everyone struggles with, whether that be your left or right hand!

Dinkibelle wraps are non toxic and 5 free. There is 20 designs available online and they are priced at £6.99 per pack.

Have you used nail wraps before? What brands would you recommend? Comment below.





2 thoughts on “Review: dinkibelle nail wraps.

  1. romamehta

    The marble looks so beautiful! I haven’t used anything like this specifically, but I’ve had horrible experiences with nail stickers. Good to know that there are some nice ones out there, I especially love the design on yours. Thanks for sharing your review!

    If you’re interested, please check out my blog. 😀


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