Review: Spectrum Collections.


I have been wanting to expand my makeup brush collection for a while and I wanted to introduce brushes that were high quality and cruelty free. So when I laid eyes on the colourful spectrum brush sets I knew I had to have them, especially when I saw that the prices don’t break the bank!

I ordered 5 singular brushes; the A05, A15, C06, A10 and the A18 from their permanent collection. I wanted to buy brushes that I needed and ones that were missing from my current collection.

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They arrived within two days of ordering and were delivered in a pink plastic wallet that is great to use as a travel case.

I was so pleased with the bright colour and softness of the brushes, they are easy to use and look fantastic in your makeup bag.

Since using the collection one of my favourite brushes to use is the tulip eye contour brush. It adds nice depth, shape and blends eyeshadows really well.

Another favourite of mine is the A10 ‘feeling fancy’ small fan brush. It is now one of my beauty essentials as it makes highlighting simple, quick, and it is the ideal finishing touches brush.

I was quite apprehensive to wash them at first as I thought the bright colours would fade but after a couple of washes they are still holding their blue and purple colouring.

Spectrum brushes have definitely lived up to their expectations in my opinion, they are excellent quality and good value for money. They are some of the prettiest brushes on the market and I can’t wait to get my hands on their white marbleous sets!

hands off these brushs

At the moment Spectrum collections have 10% of your first order on their site.

Happy shopping everyone!



p.s excuse my dented thumb nail, I shut it in the door!

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