The Weekend.

I thought I would do a little update on what I’ve been doing and what I got up to over the weekend.

A girls night to a greek restaurant called the ‘ The fat greek taverna’ was well needed on Thursday evening. We all have pressures and stresses of our day to day lives so it was definitely a release as we had a good laugh and a catch up.

greek food

The diet went out the window as we tucked into our meze. The calamari tasted amazing!


Friday night was a chilled one, Jamie and I stayed in and watched a film. We like to go to little independent stores and world food shops so we get a selection of healthy and unhealthy snacks to munch on during our relaxing evenings.

As I’m in need of a new laptop Jamie and I woke up early on Saturday to head over to PC World and have a browse. On this occasion I decided not to get one and save a little more for a new Macbook.

On my to-do list includes rescuing rabbit to accompany our existing one Dolly. She is coming to up 2 years old now, she’s been spayed and I feel like a friend (or two) would be a perfect addition to the family! We headed over to the Rspca rescue centre in Patcham to take a look. It was heartbreaking seeing all the dogs, cats and reptiles waiting to be adopted.

After chatting to the one of the members of staff and cuddling the bunnies we decided we need either one or two neutered males to live with Dolly. I recommend rescuing any animal before going to breeder or a pet shop, it is something I’m passionate about, there are so many pets already who are in desperate need of a home.

All the rabbits were gorgeous and we will be making a trip back in the coming month so watch this space!

That evening we went out for some Thai food it was delicious. Thai food is my favourite and after visiting Thailand I love trying out different Thai restaurants to see if the food can compare.

We have made our date nights a regular thing just because it allows Jamie and I to keep our relationship on track and discuss anything thats on our mind or any future plans we have.


Childhood memories.

I love Sundays! During the miserable weather Sundays are normally a day where I reflect on the week, I catch up on my diary and my 5 year memory book. However last Sunday I planned a day out for Jamie and I.

Paradise Park is a garden centre with a museum, a cafe and a walkthrough adventure trail with dinosaurs and cool shit. It’s somewhere my dad used to take me when I was a kid and I remember getting so excited about going. When I saw that it was still around I knew I had to go again for old times sake, even if wasn’t going to be how I remember.

We had a drink in the cafe and looked around the garden accessories and indoor plants. I love gardening and growing herbs, food and flowers and we have a huge amount of plants around our home. I believe it gives off good energy and it makes the air feel cleaner, so taking trips to any garden centre is highlight for me.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Walks by the Cuckmere Inn Pub (where we went for our meal) close by the seven sisters.

To end our perfect Sunday we had a roast of course! The pub was by the Seven Sisters cliffs and has beautiful scenery. The food was amazing and we got to sit by the open fire and look onto the hills.

Thanks for reading,




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