Review: Doll White Teeth Whitening Strips.

I am a huge fan of pearly whites and have tried numerous teeth whitening methods to give myself a brighter smile.

I don’t have really yellow or stained teeth and like to think I have good oral hygiene, however I have always wanted a celebrity smile and think your mouth is a dominant feature so keeping it looking and feeling squeaky clean is important.

During a bloggers hangout Twitter party I jumped at the chance to get some whitening strips from the brand Doll White.


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They arrived on Thursday in this cute box with the instructions and advice on the back.

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There is two strips in each sachet, one for your top row of teeth and one for the bottom. After brushing your teeth you mould the strips on to each set and wait 30 minutes. When the time is up you remove the strips and rinse and spit out the remaining residue thats left. The gel texture isn’t a very pleasant consistency but doesn’t taste of anything at all.

doll white bumber 1


doll white no two


The strips are non peroxide and extremely easy to use. After using them for a few days I have noticed a difference and my teeth look cleaner as well as whiter. I have used many different teeth whitening products in the past and they have made my teeth really sensitive and made my lips burn.

Overall I would recommend Doll white strips. They are easy to use and do work!  I was pleasantly surprised. There is no aftertaste and I didn’t have any bad reactions at all. I’m not sure how long the whitening effects will last but these are a great buy! I’m looking forward to using them again in the future!

Buy them here!

Thank you Doll White!


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