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Christmas this year was so lovely! Jamie and I made mince pies, a gingerbread house, ate our body weight in food and overall I had the best time with family and friends and truly enjoyed a day which I normally despise.

Christmas is always a strange time of the year for me and my family as two years ago my dad had a double kidney transplant. He had spent years on dialysis then on christmas eve 2013 the phone rang. My dad had a few hours to race up to London with the hope that the donor was a match. It was. My dad spent a long time recovering but he gained a life. It was the best present we could ever wish for.

Now at this festive time of year we treasure the time we have with each other and see Christmas as a time of reflection. My dad tends to go overboard with presents and food but we all know what Christmas means to us as a family.

To lift the mood I thought I would share some of my favourite presents that I received this year. As previously mentioned my family and Jamie were extremely generous to myself and each other.

xmas present morphy

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harry potter xmas

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I didn’t want to bore or brag by putting up pictures of every single gift I received hence why I picked out a mix of a few. I would love to know how everyone else spent their holidays so please leave a comment below!

I will be incorporating some of my presents in future blog posts so watch this space!

I’m so grateful for everything and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year!











The Liebster Award




So for anyone who doesn’t know the Liebster award is one given to bloggers by bloggers, it helps recognise new and upcoming blogs that don’t have a large following.

I was nominated by the lovely Marika which I greatly appreciate as I love when people take the time to read my posts and subscribe and as I recently changed blogs it has given me some new visibility. Thank you!

With this award you should pay it forward so here are the rules:


Here is my list of nominated blogs:

I nominated these blogs because they all cover different topics and I love the way they write and present their blogs 🙂

These are the questions I was given and here are my answers:

1. Where do you get your inspiration?  I consider myself to be a creative person and because writing is my life I always have something to say whether that be about news, beauty, animals, lifestyle, basically anything and everything. Books inspire me, family and friends inspire me and fellow journalists.
2. What do you value the most in people? Honesty, loyalty and being trustworthy.
3. From what are you afraid? I’m afraid of being alone.
4. What’s your favourite quote? ‘The purpose of our lives is to be happy” – Dalai Lama.
5. What are your plans for 2016? I have so many plans! Two holidays, working, looking to move and own a house rather than rent! Adding to our family (pets not babies) and having an all in all good time!
6. What’s your favourite song? I have far too many but I love Dreams by Fleetwood Mac and If I can Dream by Elvis Presley.
7. What do you do besides blogging? Freelance work including fashion and travel articles. I’m currently training for a half marathon and writing a book.
8. What’s your favourite food? This is an impossible question for me anyone knows that I eat a vast amount and love ALL THE FOOD!
9. If you would be able to keep one thing for your whole life, what would it be? A journal and a pen.
10. What’s your favourite book? Man these questions are hard! I Love anything by Peter James and Linwood Barclay. I also love Brighton Rock by Graham Greene.
11. What, in your opinion, makes people happy? Love, family, doing what you enjoy but also it is within yourself and your way of thinking!

11 random facts about me:

  • I am a Sagittarius
  • I used to play Piano.
  • When I was younger I wanted to be in every career including a marine biologist, archaeologist and a stunt woman.
  • I have 7 tattoos.
  • I suffer with anxiety and GS (a liver condition that can make you jaundice this means I very rarely drink and follow a strict diet)
  • I have a short temper
  • I’m lactose intolerant
  • I love horror films
  • I’ve been visited quite a few places including Thailand and Rome.
  • I hate feet.
  • I’ve broken 6 bones all by playing sport.

My 11 questions to my nominated bloggers are:

1. Where do you get your inspiration?
2. What is your pet peeve?
3. What’s your worst fear?
4. What is your favourite film?
5. What are your plans for 2016?
6. What are your life goals?
7. What do you do besides blogging?
8. What’s your favourite food?
9. If you could take one thing to a desert island what would it be?
10. What’s your favourite book?
11.  What countries have you visited?

Thank you for nominated me and thank you to everyone for reading! I hope the nominated blogger enjoy doing this!

Have a good day 🙂





Nyx Haul.

Last month I received a huge selection of Nyx cosmetics from the Boots review panel. I spent an afternoon playing about with different looks and decided rather than write one long post about each product I would select a small variety of my favourites.

nyx cosmetics haul

nyx small

So I decided to focus on these products as I have been using them every week! You can use all of them to create one or two looks which I will post at the end!

nyx eyeshadow

These metallic eye colours are amazing! The picture really doesn’t do it justice but the first silver/iridescent colour is called Frostbite. In some lights it shines blue and purple and it is perfect for the christmas season. I feel like a snow queen when I wear it!

The gold baked eyeshadow is ‘Lavish’ it is pictured on the end and is ideal for creating a brown smokey eye. You do need to use an eye primer beforehand with this one that can allow the colour to pop.

The middle shade is actually an eye pencil in the shade ‘Yoghurt and is so easy to use. I use it nearly everyday as it is really quick to apply and can transform a day look into an evening one.

nyx concelor

Pictured on the far left is the black gel liner. Now I normally use a loreal pen and the maybelline gel on top to make sure my liner lasts all day and to make it look ultra black. However the nyx gel liner is really dark and you could just wear it on its own. It is smudge proof and easy to use. I would recommend this over the maybelline one.

The yellow and green are HD concealers and if you haven’t used this colours before then they are used underneath your normal concealer. So the green is used to neutralised red spots and patches and the yellow is used to brighten the face and ideal hiding eye bags.

Last is the above and beyond full coverage concealer. It comes in a cute pot but if you have long nails like I do you need to use a brush to get in there! It applies evenly and it blends in really well! This is another product I would highly recommend!

nyx lips .jpg

‘Bright Lights’ blush on the far left is a coral/orange colour which would look lovely in the summer alongside a golden tan. It does have a lot of excess powder so I wouldn’t carry it around in fear it would break.

The lipstick pictured in the middle is ‘Mars’ I use this nearly every day and wear it to work as it just finishes off a neutral day look perfectly. Surprisingly it is quite long lasting and I must add that it is moisturising! Hurray! No more dry matte lips!

The chunky dunk crayon is just like a giant lip balm. It is the shade ‘Peach fuzzy’ and just a handy on the go coloured balm similar to the maybelline baby lips. I really like this product it is just a quick fix to dry lips but adds a nice colour if you don’t feel like wearing a lippy.

nyx pens.jpg

Finally if you are feeling a little more adventurous, or you like to wear lots of colour these crayons are awesome and are really shiny! I don’t wear much colour on the my eyes but I have been experimenting with these and I think they are great. The shades pictured are ‘pacific’ and ‘purple violet’ you can get them other shades online!face face face

This is the look I created using my Nyx products! I hope you enjoyed reading my post about my haul. If you have any questions or would like to share your looks and favourites of Nyx leave a comment!