A memoir to a cool cat.

Last night I said goodbye to my chunk of ginger fur named Toffee who leaves me and his brother behind. Toffee was 12 years old and I believe he had a few more years left in him, however he had a tumour and well these things happen. Humans can get ill and so do animals. This had me thinking about the connection between us and our pets, how we look at them as friends and how we mourn when they have to leave.

Last night at the vets my mum was handed an envelope that was titled bereavement support and It made me sad to think that some people can’t cope with the loss of a pet and how we take our pets for granted.

Whatever pet you have they accompany you through problems and situations such as moving house or the introduction of a new family member.

Toffee was there to cuddle when I was sick, when a boy broke my heart and when I was studying for exams. He was a comfort to me and although some people think pets just tolerate you I personally believe that if you put the effort into loving your pets they too will love you.

toffee cat

So thank you Toffee for being my companion and although you used to sit on my head in the morning and try and nibble my toes, and leave your ginger fur all over my black wardrobe, I still love you, and the family will never be the same.

Please remember to love your pets and take as much care of them as you would yourself if not more because at some point you will have to say goodbye and nobody likes goodbyes.


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