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MAC Lips.

MAC has always been a popular product amongst make up artists, but since Kylie Jenner told the media that she is an avid fan and user of MAC the lipsticks have since become extremely popular for girls all of the world.

Admittedly I have started a little collection of my own and over the past few weeks I purchased some lipsticks including one from the brand new matt collection!

mac velvet teddy

This is Velvet Teddy one of the most popular lipsticks in the MAC store. The colour is almost like a cinnamon shade and really compliments most skin tones. It is a neutral colour that can be worn in the daytime or in the evening.

I found that the lip pencil Spice matches the Lipstick really well and is easy to blend with Velvet Teddy.

lips and vt

Here is a fun shot of Velvet Teddy. It is one of my favourite neutral shades! Definitely worth a purchase.

Now the newest member of my lipstick family is Stone. This is a new addition in the matt collection based on the lipliner shade.

It is a dark brown shade that compliments people with dark hair and eyes and is perfect for a night out. It is nice because its not too dark so if you don’t want to wear a halloween black lipstick this shade is perfect for you.

mac stone

The matching lipliner is still available but it was sold out at my local store, so I picked up a Rimmel one in the shade ‘Cappuccino’ is extremely similar to the liner but much cheaper!

stone stone

Thought I would post a picture of Stone with my hair so you can see the contrast.



My Rimmel pick reviews.

I have never used a lot of Rimmel products and I’m not a regular buyer but as I was looking for a new lipstick and Kate Moss for Rimmel had the perfect shade.

kate lipstick

A peachy coral perfect for Summer and just the shade I was looking for! Only £5.49 this colour is number 32 and looks great with a tan.

Although it says lasting finish it doesn’t last long on the lips and definitely needs re-applying after having a drink. When using this lippy make sure you moisturise your lips as this tends to stick to the little dry patches.

It is good value but I will still be investing in a MAC version!

My next Rimmel pick is the ‘wake me up’ mascara. The honey smelling product is really light and separates the lashes perfectly.

rimmel mascara

The brush is not heavy and the product itself doesn’t clump. It’s £7.99 and if what you’re wanting to achieve is a natural fresh faced look then this is a winner!

Nip + Fab glycolic instant fix mask.

With all the hype surrounding the Nip + Fab skincare collection I thought I had to try at least one of the products everyone is raving about. From Kylie Jenner to Millie Mackintosh Nip + Fab skincare seems to be a must have in your bathrooms!

I thought I would try the Nip + Fab glycolic instant fix mask as it says it brightens the skin and shrinks the pores!

nip and fab

When I first used the mask it definitely made my skin feel tighter and smoother, however I have quite sensitive skin and I have found that if I use it more than once a week and use it straight away after getting out the shower my face breaks out in a horrible rash!

The glycolic and amino acid is very strong and leaves my face with a burning sensation and red blotches. After my face calms down my skin does look and feel really good but I would be aware if you have sensitive skin you might have a reaction at first. I would recommend using it once a week and using it an a few hours after having a shower or in the evenings. A little goes a long way in this case so thinly apply the gel and don’t be too generous!

It is available from Superdrug or Boots at £12.95 but look out for offers and both these stores regularly have deals on the range!

I am looking to try the other products in the Nip + Fab range so comment below with any of the  products you guys and girls recommend!

Mini Lush Haul.

Since my last post I’ve been extremely busy with exams and qualifying as a Journalist!! It has been a while but I promise you have my full attention now and the blog posts will be at least once a week!

Starting off this August it is of course a mini Lush haul! Previous readers will know that Lush cosmetics is one of my favourite brands and not just because of the sweet smelling bath bombs but also what they represent. They make their opinions known on the fox hunt ban and are now currently supporting the England hen harriers.

lush haul

The american cream conditioner smells like a vanilla milkshake blended with warm popcorn and as well as leaving my locks feeling soft it has tamed my curls during this humid weather period.

Seanik a must have for me in my bathroom, I have tried to many shampoo bars but this is the one that always has been running back. My old faithful. I have previously wrote a more detailed description of Seanik and how well it works so have a read if you want to know more!

I bought two bath bombs during this haul but got so excited when I got home I couldn’t resist using the Dragons Egg one. The second I bought was twilight a purple bath bomb with a cute star print! When it fizzles into the water a mix of purple and pink colours swirl around the water leaving you feeling like you are in a magical mermaid cave! There isn’t much of a smell and it doesn’t have any benefits to your skin. However there is a definitely a feel good factor which is good enough for me on a Friday night!

The lovely girls at Victoria Station Lush saw me glimpsing at the “Big” conditioner and watched me linger over it deciding if I should brave the price and try it out. They could clearly see that I was struggling to make the BIG decision and generously gave me a sample and boy I’m so glad they did! Not only was ‘big’ a big disappointment, but it left my hair feeling dry and bristly and clumped together in the strands. It was hard to break down into a smooth consistency and did really condition my hair at all. The jelly textured cube isn’t ideal for thick curly hair like mine and would benefit on thin hair that needs more fullness.

Herbalism is a facial exfoliator made from nettle, rosemary and almonds.  It smells earthy and has a paste texture which makes is perfect for applying to the skin. It is not too gritty and and did in fact get rid of the spots on the forehead! I had to remember not to use it too often because thats when my skin started to get irritated again!

Today Lush released their new summer collection! So no doubt I will reviewing another lush haul next week!!

Keep your eyes peeled!

I’m a qualified Journalist!

So finally after a long hard year I now have my NCTJ qualification!

I’m extremely happy but I now have to decide what to do with myself! I’m still blogging, working and looking for a new job but I still feel a little lost because I’m not sure what direction to go in!

I have a little plan of action, to blog as regularly as possible, create some business cards and take part in some more networking!

Any tips for a newbie journo then let me know!!