Monthly Archives: May 2015

Bits and bobs.

So this week I bought some new items that aren’t beauty related but I wanted to share with you. I also reviewed some of my beauty favourites which I consider to be must-haves!

sti ives apricot1

There has always been a large amount of hype around this product but after using it for a year now I can honestly say it is a great product! It smells lovely and really cleanses my pores. Leaving skin feel smooth and fresh it is definitely the best exfoliating product I have used so far! Another pro of this St Ives scrub is that is also comes in travel size!

If you ladies have any exfoliator that you recommend leave a comment below so I can try them out!

red lip lipstick swatch

Now a red lipstick is a must have for all ladies and is perfect for dressing up any outfit. This one in particular has been a staple in my bag for 3 years now because I love the shade “Cherry red”. This lip colour is from Natural Collection and is under a fiver! It is moisturising and long lasting and I don’t have to worry about losing it on a night out because of the cost! I’m just praying that they don’t discontinue this colour!


Now one of my purchases this week was this bag from H&M. You can’t really see in the picture but the blue scales are sparkly 🙂 H&M always have a stock of these bags in different colours and styles each season. They are only £1.99 and although they don’t last long they are perfect for carrying around make-up or accessories.


So in a couple of months I will be heading over to Morocco for a week in the sun. As I will be walking round the souks and markets I thought I would use this an excuse to buy some new sandals.

I spotted this in New look and for only £15! I had to buy to them. I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t have them in brown as well but I will be keeping an eye out!

They are extremely comfy and I have been wearing them already because of the recent sunny weather we have had! I highly recommend these and so far they are my favourite holiday purchase!


As a Journalist it is natural for me to love stationary and there is nothing more satisfying then a fresh notebook with a cute cover!

The two on the left I bought from Paperchase at the weekend and at only £2.99 I jumped at the chance to grab these as I don’t have a Paperchase local to me.

The flamingo one is from Anzu stationary London, which I picked up in TK Max. All my friends know that I have a huge love for anything tropical so these notepads really suit my personality.

What’s even better is that they are all lined. Perfect for my shorthand.