The Last Leg.

It’s been a while since my last post! Sorry but I’ve been the busiest bee! I have had exams, coursework, as well as writing a few articles for a travel site called Holiday-Weather. To add to my list I have been working my normal job in retail and have set up a couple of new blogs: my beauty blog and also my travel blog. Although I need to change the url of that one I feel its a little plain.

So it’s the last two months of my NCTJ and I’m actually very nervous and a little apprehensive about the future.

Media Law and Shorthand are the next upcoming exams! I really wanted to get my 100pw but it’s extremely unlikely that will happen!

It seems rather strange to be stepping into the unknown world of Journalist but I am ready to take each day as it comes and see where it takes me. If I don’t have this mindset I will worry a lot.

Fingers crossed I get the outcome I’m hoping for!

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