I’ve heard a few times that Porridge oats are really good for your skin, So when I saw Lush porridge soap online I was excited to head down to my nearest store and get my hands on some.

lush porridge


Orange juice, Porridge oats, Orange oil.

The soap has a slight orange scent to it but it would be nice if it was stronger and lingered on the skin longer.

It lathers up nicely and really smoothes the skin! Although you have to leave it on a soap dish otherwise it does stick to the side and leaves a little trail of goo! Best to keep it in a little tub.

Porridge is moisturising and doesn’t have a very exciting look but definitely does the job in treating dry skin!

You can buy these by the gram at lush. My block is just over 100g and cost me £3.23.

Lush does recommend you do not use it on your face however I did use it this morning on my face and it was lovely! I think if its not used excessively on the face then it should be fine.

Overall I do recommend this product despite it being slightly awkward to store it.


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