Timeless Truth – luxury beauty masks.

So I recently received a facemask from “Timeless Truth beauty masks.”

The company is local to me and I was delighted to get the chance to try out their charcoal detox brightening mask from the fusion range.


The look – the packaging is bright and sleek. The mask comes in a neat pouch which is easy to open and store. The back of the sachet has directions and ingredients so you know everything that is inside.

Along with the mask you receive a small information booklet which shows you the different types of products you can buy and what each of them does best!

After cleansing my face I removed the mask from the sachet and peeled it apart before smoothing it down onto my face.

The mask is soaked in a serum which means it isn’t dry on application. You also so much excess serum you can keep the pouch in the fridge and re-use it!

I placed my mask in the fridge anyway beforehand just so my face could feel refreshed as well as cleansed!

As seen below I did try to smooth the mask over all my face but unfortunately the bottom part didn’t seem to stick. But it is a comfortable fit and is made from non woven fabric.


With some face masks I find that after a while I start to feel uncomfortable and my skin feels irritated but with TT this wasn’t the case at all. After 15 minutes my skin already began to feel smooth and tightened.

Overall I would definitely rate this product, it is much easier using a mask of this type than having to apply clay or gel on the skin!

The mask could easily be carried in a travel bag and has left my cheeks feeling smooth and glowing!

Prices range from £4.90- £8.90 with a range of different luxury masks.

I had a great masking experience even if my boyfriend did think I looked a little crazy!



Let me know what your favourite facemasks are and they might be on my next review!


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