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That dreaded time of year…

In just over two weeks time people will be running about shopping centres, panic buying for their loved ones and extended family members that they probably dislike. Yes it’s Christmas.

I don’t hate the holiday but there are many factors as to why I dislike it:

Firstly I’m 21, I don’t have children myself, I don’t have siblings and Santa doesn’t exist. Apologies for those who have just found out I’m so sorry I spoilt that for you. Truly I am, because the magic of Christmas was taken away when I found out the fat bearded man never came down my chimney. He never ate the mince pies and his bloody reindeer didn’t eat the carrot. Im not sure if I was more annoyed with this or the fact my parents had lied to me all those years. It’s almost like someone telling you, your Uncle Bob isn’t actually your Uncle.

Working in retail destroys your soul anyway but when Christmas approaches you want to close to shop and hide from everyone. People become crazy, they act like their life depends on whether they get dark chocolate brazil nuts. Christ help if you have sold out because they will return with vengeance, demanding managers, complain to head office and then they even accuse you of eating them yourself, and saving the best boxes for your friends.

When I do eventually have a family I will take my bah humbug hat off and spread some Christmas cheer to my children. However I will remind them that it is like any other day apart from having a nicer dinner and they wont be spoilt brats.

The amount of money that is spend for one day is outrageous. Do people really care about the true meaning or are they are too focused on stuffing themselves silly and buying each other the most expensive item ever?

All the money some people spend on that one day wouldn’t you rather save it?

Last Christmas I had the most amazing present. My dad was given two kidneys so he could function like a normal human being again.

My boyfriends Christmas wasn’t too great his mum was in hospital and he spent Christmas without family.

Neither of us care for this occasion too much and I myself thank my lucky stars every day that I have a family. I don’t need that one day of the year to do it.

So Christmas eve this year I will be heading out on the streets of Brighton with a few family members and an organisation called My Mission, to give out hot drinks, scarves, hats etc to homeless people across the town.

It’s time to be selfless and appreciate what you have all the time.