Becoming dead inside…

So following a insightful talk on online journalism last week, my tutor Sarah asked a question that really got my brain racking:

“Are you dead inside yet?”

Well as a sensitive being myself I often find the ethics of journalism a struggle. Someone said to me recently when I mentioned this topic:

“well you obviously going into the wrong profession then, Journalists don’t care about anyone or anything really. All that satisfies them is getting a good story regardless of who they upset.”

As much as I agree with saying everyone is entitled to an opinion, I thought this one was truly off the mark.

Yes there has been incidents in which some journalists have got themselves into legal trouble but you cannot paint us all with the same brush.

I get concerned about peoples ethics and believe in representing myself appropriately, and not having an agenda. The unsurprising reaction I get when I tell people I am study journalism is actually laughable.

At the news on the move conference a woman I was talking to actually said

“Wow your parents are actually fine with you doing this?”

Why wouldn’t they be? They know me well enough to know that I care hugely about equality, animal rights and trying to make a positive difference, and how I wouldn’t maliciously write anything with the intent to cause upset.

I have come to terms with the fact I may not have a huge career in Journalism but for me its not about money or becoming extremely well known. I have other goals in life I want to work towards too. But Its the enjoyment and satisfaction I get out of writing, whether that be news writing, review writing or creative. It is my passion and I consider it a hobby. To know that even one person has read something I wrote is hugely fulfilling.

As for becoming dead inside. I don’t know if that will ever happen. I care too much about things and yes that can be a problem when you constantly worry and want to save everyone and everything, but I don’t think you need to be soulless to be in the industry. I don’t want to be that hard face woman in the office who doesn’t give a shit.

As much as my boyfriend jokes that I’m heartless we both know that I’m not really capable of being the Tin-man.

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