Win some, lose some.

I experienced the frustration of being a Journalist first hand last Thursday when I approached a certain nursery in order to get a story. It was all going well until the words Trainee Reporter left my mouth. Some officials decided they wanted to decline me entry to what was a public meeting. They made a complete song and dance about why I was there, a few threats were made to me, lets just say they weren’t at all happy. In fact they were quaking in their shoes worrying that I was going to give them bad publicity. It was laughable really. Reluctantly I left after a few hours of waiting outside in wet, dreary conditions and decided to go home and have a bath. There is so much more to that story and people who are close to me will know I have been ripping my hair out over the past few days, but hey ho there is a small article I managed to fix up that will hopefully go out this week. On a brighter note I got my first published article last week. Yay! My self esteem has definitely been boosted .


Brighton is well known for its LGBT community as well as its Pier and the lanes. So when I heard the news this morning that a gay couple were asked to leave a Sainsburys store after showing a display of affection, it left me shocked and well disgusted that they could be treated this way. I mean come on really! Its sad to think that some people in the world can’t move on from their ignorant ways! I think most people share my view on the subject, so a protest is being held outside the Sainsburys on New England Road, Brighton at 6pm. Unfortunately I cannot go as I have bills to pay but Robyn Harris a fellow trainee journo will be there doing what reporters do best! The big consensual kiss will most likely see over 400 people attending, and if you have nothing to kiss then fear not as the Facebook event says they will find you someone or something, even if that means kissing a butternut squash.


4 thoughts on “Win some, lose some.

  1. Liam Andrews

    I’ve experienced similar problems – occasionally it’s got so bad I’ve claimed I work for the local newspaper. Might not be ethical, but sometimes you can’t be to get places!



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