Magistrates with an apostrophe?

Bright and early yesterday morning our group appeared outside Brighton Magistrates court at 9.30am, waiting to practice dabbling our hands in Court reporting.

Some of us were prepared for what we were going to face, and I guess others including myself were slightly shocked to hear some of the cases that came up. Lets just say one particular case nearly brought myself and my tutor to tears. It definitely hit hard with all of us but we had to switch off and meet back to type up our notes.

While tapping away I was informed that the Argus like to spell Magistrates with an apostrophe. My immediate reaction was “what!” Considering you would write it without the ‘ normally and for so long it has been drilled into my head not to do that. But hey ho each newspaper to their own and if I do ever attempt to Court report for the Argus then I will surrender and put in the apostrophe.

That evening after a few pestering emails, I still couldn’t seem to rest my mind on how much I wanted to have my article uploaded due to it being Breast Cancer Awareness month. I know that you have to be determined but I’m starting to admit defeat on something that I considered to be brave. There is no pleasing everyone, although I somehow feel like I let a certain woman down who wanted to share her story.

It is frustrating and it’s not going to be a winning situation all the time but I over-think things a little. Actually a lot.

Anyway on a lighter note my best friend dressed up as a pair of grapes last night, I wore a watermelon skirt and drank the night away with a taco and a banana.

Sometimes it is the little things that put your mind at rest for a few hours.


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