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News on the move.

Late blog post but on Thursday 16th, a handful of us went to the News on the move conference at the News UK building in London.

After waiting around in what looked like a posh hotel lobby we were directed upstairs where lunch was awaiting. Expecting a few jacket spuds and some measly sandwiches I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with a 5 star buffet!

So I did the hipster thing and took a photo of my pudding.

2014-10-16 13.25.47

After a very satisfying lunch, the afternoon started with a few talks and discussions including one from Mike Darcey (news UK chief and publisher of the Sun). He began to tell us a few things about Newspapers so I took some bullet points.

  • The public rely on newspapers to tell us facts. Not sure if the public would agree with that one seeing as the papers tell so many lies ūüėČ haha.
  • They remain essential to political debate e.g. the referendum.
  • Strong democracies need strong media.
  • Newspapers are the home of Journalism.

Whether or not you agree with some of those points, newspapers provide a source of media and news for all generations.

Other topics of the day included how social media is changing the world of news, how people consume their news, and even the neuroscience of memory encoding and emotional intensity. At this point my attention did start to flicker and I just pretended to be taking notes.

I could discuss more and throw some statistics around but frankly anyone who isn’t interested in the topic would be bored. I don’t want to bore you.

As the afternoon concluded we moved on to networking drinks. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about the free beer, but I am practically a student what do you expect?

The evening fast approached and we mooched about editors, reporters, advertising agents, etc It felt good to even be standing next to these well known people!

A few beers later on the train home I realised that I had to drive from the station to my house (oops).

A classy day and there was me being a gross human being on the floor of the train carriage eating dairylea dunkers in a last ditch attempt to stop feeling tipsy.

2014-10-16 18.28.492014-10-16 12.58.21


Win some, lose some.

I experienced the frustration of being a Journalist first hand last Thursday when I approached a certain nursery in order to get a story. It was all going well until the words Trainee Reporter left my mouth. Some officials decided they wanted to decline me entry to what was a public meeting. They made a complete song and dance about why I was there, a few threats were made to me, lets just say they weren’t at all happy. In fact they were quaking in their shoes worrying that I was going to give them bad publicity. It was laughable really. Reluctantly I left after a few hours of waiting outside in wet, dreary conditions and decided to go home and have a bath. There is so much more to that story and people who are close to me will know I have been ripping my hair out over the past few days, but hey ho there is a small article I managed to fix up that will hopefully go out this week. On a brighter note I got my first published article last week.¬†Yay! My self esteem has definitely been boosted .


Brighton is well known for its LGBT community as well as its Pier and the lanes. So when I heard the news this morning that a gay couple were asked to leave a Sainsburys store after showing a display of affection, it left me shocked and well disgusted that they could be treated this way. I mean come on really! Its sad to think that some people in the world can’t move on from their ignorant ways! I think most people share my view on the subject, so¬†a protest is being held outside the Sainsburys on New England Road, Brighton at 6pm. Unfortunately I cannot go as I have bills to pay but Robyn Harris a fellow trainee journo will be there doing what reporters do best! The big consensual kiss will most likely see over 400 people attending, and if you have nothing to kiss then fear not as the Facebook event says they will find you someone or something, even if that means kissing a butternut squash.

Magistrates with an apostrophe?

Bright and early yesterday morning our group appeared outside Brighton Magistrates court at 9.30am, waiting to practice dabbling our hands in Court reporting.

Some of us were prepared for what we were going to face, and I guess others including myself were slightly shocked to hear some of the cases that came up. Lets just say one particular case nearly brought myself and my tutor to tears. It definitely hit hard with all of us but we had to switch off and meet back to type up our notes.

While tapping away I was informed that the Argus like to spell Magistrates with an apostrophe. My immediate reaction was “what!” Considering you would write it without the ‘¬†normally and for so long it has been drilled into my head not to do that. But hey ho each newspaper to their own and if I do ever attempt to Court report for the Argus then I will surrender¬†and put in the apostrophe.

That evening after a few pestering emails, I still couldn’t seem to rest my mind on how much I wanted to have my article uploaded due to it being Breast Cancer Awareness month.¬†I know that you have to be determined but I’m starting to admit defeat on something that I considered to be brave. There is no pleasing everyone, although I somehow feel like I let a certain woman down who wanted to share her story.

It is frustrating and it’s not going to be a winning situation all the time but I over-think things a little. Actually a lot.

Anyway on a lighter note my best friend dressed up as a pair of grapes last night, I wore a watermelon skirt and drank the night away with a taco and a banana.

Sometimes it is the little things that put your mind at rest for a few hours.